Yantriks is now part of Blue Yonder
Body, Mind, & Heart Centered Transformation

Individual Therapy

“Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do.” ~Brene Brown

Discover the freedom of embracing your genuine self. Experience the empowerment that emerges from greater awareness and acceptance of all your feelings. Feel the fullness and joy that comes from a deeper connection to your body and energy system. Let go of the defensive strategies that you believe keep you safe, but which only keeps you stuck in unsatisfying patterns. Move toward a greater sense of unity between what your head thinks and what your heart wants and feels. Transform unconscious negativities that trap so much life force, and embrace the pleasure that is your birthright.

Using conventional and alternative approaches, our work is tailored to meet the needs of different clients as we bring attention to all dimensions of the healing and growth process–mind, heart, spirit, body, and imagination. Our passion is in helping to facilitate the growth of our clients in reconnecting to innate capacities for freedom, imagination, and pleasure.

No matter the presenting issue, we bring genuine respect to each individual’s growth process, including an appreciation for the desire to be seen, understood, and accepted at the deepest level.

We also have a special interest in helping those struggling with becoming new Olim. Making aliya creates a lot of stress if doing it alone or as a married couple or a family with children. We can help you navigate this both difficult and exhilarating process.