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Come Walk With Me

I want to connect in a deep and meaningful way to the ones I love. We have been created with this constant drive for connection.It is an essential part of our being. I sit in a room with people I love. Yet I feel separate, alone.I want to reach out to connect but hesitate. Echos […]

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My Need to Perform to Feel Loved

The most beautiful part of my meditation is  after it is over. I sit in stillness and savor the alternative consciousness. It is timeless. I float outside of time and space in an alternate dimension. The default mode network rigidified way of thinking is suspended. I can see myself through a new lense.  Our thinking […]

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Meditation as a Tool for Awareness

I sit by the pool on my meditation cushions. It is still dark out. The trees are silhouettes in the sky. The occasional flock of Canadian geese fly by , honking their arrival in the pre -dawn light. I start my chanting and meditation. The first thirty minutes slowly drift by. I feel distracted. I […]

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My Mom

When I left yeshiva in 1982 to start Aish LA, I was two years short of completing the studies for my rabbinical ordination. I certainly did not need it to be a manager and a fund-raiser. But when I learned that my mother’s cancer had metastasized, I decided it was time to finally get smicha, […]

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What the Blind See

Leaving Israel, standing in line at Ben Gurion Airport, I saw a long-line of obviously blind Israeli teenagers making their way to a check-in counter. I watched them intently and was amazed.  In our morning prayers, there is a series of blessings we say right when we get up. These blessings are supposed to help […]

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