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Enneagram Workshop

A two day workshop on the Enneagram


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Mindjuice Enneagram Advanced Workshop Jerusalem – The 9 Levels of Development

In our experience working with the Enneagram, people who understand their type can learn to work with these traits to reach unprecedented levels of spiritual development. 

In the Advanced Enneagram Workshop – The 9 levels of Development, you will take a deeper look at your type’s automatic defense-mechanisms and unhealthy coping strategies, reclaiming shadows in order to create clear pathways into the 9 levels of development. This is a workshop for people who already are familiar with the wisdom of the Enneagram and who wish to transform that knowledge into tools for healing and profound growth.

Do you ever experience

  • An inability to do the right thing, even when the right thing is clear?
  • Resorting to well-known strategies of flight or fight?
  • A desire to navigate internal as well as external conflict with more grace and power?
  • A feeling of being off track or unclear about your purpose in life?
  • A longing for a structured process that will make you grow and develop beyond your type?

Mindjuice Academy’s Advanced Enneagram Workshop – The 9 Levels of Development gives you

  • An exclusive perspective on the link between Neo-Freudian psychoanalysis and the wisdom of the Enneagram.
  • A singular look at the importance of the levels and their influence on the individual type’s pathway into spiritual growth and down to earth new atomic habits.
  • A unique way forward: Mindjuice Academy’s proven mix of personal leadership, transformational work and the Enneagram will catapult your growth and development, dispensing with the stereotypical behavior of your type.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity

The Advanced Enneagram Workshop – The 9 Levels of Development, created by Mindjuice Academy, builds upon the teachings of the Enneagram Essentials. The knowledge of the primary and secondary triads of the Enneagram in combination with the latest developments in personal leadership, communication and coaching ensure a unique and powerful synthesis for moving toward the essential qualities beyond the type. Mindjuice Academy is the only educational institution in the world to offer this particular and unique blend to illicit unprecedented personal insight as well as a clear road ahead for each individual, directed by purpose and vision.

World class teaching

Pernille W. Lauritsen is the founder of Mindjuice Academy, one of the first transformational academies in Denmark. She has 20+ years of experience working with everyone from top executives, major recording artists, best-selling authors, former members of government and the senior leadership of the national Danish police force. The Enneagram is an essential part of her life-changing approach to personal growth, providing revelatory insights into individual and group dynamics.

Pernille W. Lauritsen

Pernille was born in 1972 and grew up in the city of Roskilde near Copenhagen. 

Searching for a deeper sense of purpose in life, Pernille travelled the world as a young woman. She crossed the Atlantic Ocean by sailboat, lived for a while in the Indonesian jungle, and studied dance and music in Ghana. Finally, she decided to study journalism and communications at university. 

In addition to traditional studies, Pernille was a committed student of ontology since 1996. She continued learning about ancient traditions from East and West, and she completed courses in transformational coaching and therapy. 

Upon receiving her degree in journalism, Pernille reported for major Danish news publications and was soon offered an editor-in-chief position for a new women’s magazine for one of Denmark’s leading publishers. 

Feeling she could make a bigger difference being her own boss, Pernille took a huge leap of faith one year later, left the magazine and created, together with her childhood friend, Louise Huusom, Mindjuice Academy in 2005 – a school of transformation, consciousness, personal development and coaching. 

The Enneagram became a cornerstone in Pernille’s transformational work. She started to collaborate with the grand old man of the Enneagram, Don Riso, from The Enneagram Institute in New York, who soon became like a mentor to her. In 2011, she started taking students to New York to study with her and Don Riso as part of their Mindjuice Mastercoach program; the only non-faculty of the Enneagram Institute to do so. Riso called her work revolutionary:combining the Enneagram with deep coaching skills.

Since its inception, Mindjuice Academy has certified more than 3.000 executive leaders and life coaches, worked with major corporations (including Maersk, Lego and Novo) as well as local and government enterprises. CSR has been a crucial part of Mindjuice Academy’s operation from the beginning, resulting in the training of hundreds of youth and children. These youngsters have had the benefit of learning from Pernille and her knowledgeable team. 

Pernille is also the author of several books on child psychology, collaborating with world-renowned family therapist Jesper Juul. Their work has been translated into several languages, and Pernille is still in high demand as a keynote speaker on the crucial early stages of personal development.

In 2017, Pernille was invited to do a radio show for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, DR, where she coached experts from the arts, science, business and politics, guiding them to breakthroughs. A total of 1.3 million listeners tuned in as Pernille directed the conversation towards transforming fear into strength and purpose. The radio show was picked up by the newest and most visionary podcast platform in Denmark where the show recently was the most listened to podcast on the entire platform.

In the spring of 2019, Pernille was elected to the Board of the Management Consultants of the Confederation of Danish Industry, together with senior partners from Deloitte, McKinsey, QUARTZ and other top consulting houses in Denmark.

Her latest projects include the training of the senior leadership of the national police force in Denmark and working with top musicians and key players in the architectural industry.

Pernille is engaged and has two children.