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Come Walk With Me

June 26, 2020

I want to connect in a deep and meaningful way to the ones I love. We have been created with this constant drive for connection.It is an essential part of our being.

I sit in a room with people I love. Yet I feel separate, alone.I want to reach out to connect but hesitate.

Echos of early wounding bounce off the walls of my psyche.They reverberate in my thirty-six trillion cells.Hurts not processed. Rejections too hurtful to be metabolized split off and take on a life of their own below the threshold of consciousness, but hold sway nonetheless. My body feels the fear and remembers as if it is happening now. It is alive even thought it is past.

I need to befriend the shadows that lurk- to get to know the thousands of
old hurts,
shaming moments,
lack of validation,
not being seen,
that my body experiences as if it is now –
even though it was long ago.

To be present with others, I must first let myself be present with myself – to get to know these split off, dark places.

This is my work. This is our work.
What we are afraid of, we have already experienced.

There is no shortcut. It is messy, dirty, scary work, but to really connect and feel another, I need to let myself rediscover all the parts of myself that I am cut off from.

The more I feel my inner world, the more I can be with you in your inner world. As I reclaim the beautiful, precious, unique soul that I am, I can connect to you as the beautiful and special soul that you are.

Come walk with me, together we will explore and rediscover the beauty and depth of who we are and always have been.

Irwin Katsof